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Best Manicure set – Know How to Make Yourself Elegant

A complete manicure at a salon can cost you a minimum of $20. You will also require this service once or twice a month as your nail grows. Not every person has the money to spend around $ 20- $40 per month on their nails. It is best to learn how to do your nails yourself. You’ll also be able to modify your nails much more easily. What could be more efficient than having the best manicure set available at home?

You will enjoy many more benefits from becoming an expert in acrylic nail application than the cost savings. It is important to prepare your nails and skin.

  Equipment needed for a manicure are listed below :

  • Nail File (coarse grains)
  • A cuticle pusher, wooden or metal

  • A nail buffing

  • Acrylic powder

  • Acrylic solution

  • Brush

  • Buffer

How to use the French Manicure sets

  1. Apply a base coat of clear nail varnish to your nails. To attach the adhesive, rub the tops of your nails. 

  2. Find a nail tip that fits your fingernail shape. Use a little nail glue to apply to the nail tip. 

  3. Dip a nailbrush into the liquid, then dip it into the acrylic powder. 

  4. Apply the acrylic paste to the nail tip. Then, dip your brush in the solution again. Smoothen the paste along the nail tip to ensure there are no bulges. Continue this process until your nail bed is completely covered. 

  5. Allow the acrylic to dry for at least 1 minute before polishing the nail.