Beef up your Patio Furniture with a Barbeque

One of the most popular accessories to patio furniture is an outdoor barbecue. There are many forms of barbecues in different countries and choosing a style that matches your decor, tastes, and cooking habits is perhaps the best way to go about purchasing one.  Barbeques are usually such an important part of the garden that they can be considered an important furniture piece on their own standing.

The hibachi-style barbecue is native to Japan. In Japan, it used to form the centerpiece of the household, providing heat and helping cook meals. Meat kebabs cooked on wooden skewers is one of the more popular foods prepared on a hibachi. For those that would like hibachi-style functionality, the hibachi is traditionally a small rectangular box with high walls filled with charcoal. Using the grill portion of a modern gas or charcoal barbecue can substitute for having a traditional hibachi.

Another type of barbecue that is popular in other parts of the world is the brick wood-fired oven. Made of brick and mortar and resembling an igloo, meat is placed on a grill either above or within the oven, while other foods like bread and pizza can cook in minutes inside. Wood-fired ovens are all over the landscape in Argentina and Uruguay. They originate in Italy and Mediterranean Europe.

A third popular option for patio furniture is the modern American gas barbecue. Normally rectangular in shape, it frequently features at least two grills for meats and often includes a warming rack. Normally powered by propane, it usually provides one of the cleanest cooking experiences one could have. Many people that do not want a mobile solution tend to opt for adding a full gas grill to an outdoor island on their patio.

Finally, for those who have limited space or budget, the kettle barbecue is an option that comes in a compact circular size and can be stored away when it is not being used. Featuring one grill over a smaller charcoal bed, it can nonetheless provide a great deal of cooking heat. A separate accessory type of barbecue is known as a rotisserie grill. In many countries and states like Hawaii, the rotisserie stick is suspended over an open flame and the meat is slowly turned until done.

In other places, such as Mexico, the rotisserie rod is upright and is stacked with meat, which is then heated by a flame or heat source from the side. For those who like to dress pork or beef prior to heating it, it makes a nice addition to one’s patio. An alternative to the centralized rotisserie stick is the steel skewer. Normally kept inside as a tool or utensil and then brought out on the patio for cooking outdoors, skewers can be placed directly on the grill. Some barbecues feature the capability of integrating custom skewers so that a rotisserie type of effect is achieved.

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