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All About the Scoliosis Exercises

There are various scoliosis exercises that will help the patients to correct their back or get relief from pain, including standing lift, lifting curves, straight sequence, posterior extension, one arm lift, flexion lift, leg, and arm extension.

These are the major exercises for scoliosis. Now let's analyze the best scoliosis exercises one by one to understand how they work.

Standing lift – a person works in an upright position and carries light weights directly to one side. Keep your back straight and raise your arms parallel to the floor. Continue in three rows of ten.

Lifting curves – this exercise involves working with light. First, sit on the ball, then bend forward, then place your hands around the middle of your thighs. 

Choose light weights with your arms and make sure your elbows are flexible and your arms are almost straight, then continue in three sets of ten.

Straight sequence – work in an upright position. Hold the weights in your hands, making sure to keep your arms forward and your palms in front of your feet.

Pull your arms straight up, making sure your elbows are higher than your arms. Put your hands behind your back, pause at the bottom, then do three sets of ten.

After performing these simple scoliosis exercises patients will help strengthen their back muscles to help to reduce the pain.