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3 Most Popular Women’s Top Styles

Tops can be worn by both men and women as sleeveless shirts. They are inexpensive and readily available on the market. Most importantly, they are very popular. For this article, we will just focus on women because there are so many options.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are a tee that shows the belly. They are also known as the belly or tummy top. They are most commonly worn in warmer months because they expose a lot of skin. You can also get crop tops for skirt via

It is often considered to be quite risky. They are loved by the younger generation, perhaps because of this.


The most loved top for women is the tank top. The tank top is basically a sleeveless shirt that has two straps running across the shoulders. This shirt is extremely popular among men and women. 

They are even more popular in certain Asian countries. It is worn under work clothes, but it can also be worn at home. “Singlet” is the South East Asian name for a men’s tank top.

One Shoulder Tops

These tops do not cover a single shoulder. You can have the strap completely covered or covered by the shoulder. These tops are considered attractive than other tops except for Halter necks. 

They give the wearer a glimpse at exposed skin and are considered to be much attractive. These tops are sophisticated and edgy but shouldn’t be worn too often. Keep them for special occasions.